Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How To Begin To Lose Belly Fat Permanently

Before you can even begin to learn how to lose belly fat permanently you must develop an understanding.  In other words, know need to get some knowledge about yourself.  You must understand how you got to where you are presently in your appearance.  You must ask yourself if going through all these changes to lose weight in general and belly fat in particular really worth the effort.  It begins with your orientation, is it internal or is it external.

You see, to make any permanent change in your appearance in any way begins with a change in the way you view yourself internally and not in how anything or anyone external views you.  You want to lose weight and lose that ugly belly fat.  To achieve permanent fat loss and to keep the fat off your belly you must be driven by an internal orientation that says this is not who I am.  You will be successful before you even start if you begin with a new vision for yourself.  A vision that you have created by yourself, not one your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or anybody else but you has created.

You may ask, what does all that psycho-babble has to do with my losing belly fat permanently?  The reason for the previous thoughts is to prevent you from pursuing something not worth pursuing.  Maybe you started on this journey because you saw something on television that motivated to want to do this.  Maybe you got pissed off at something someone said to you or something someone did to you because of your appearance and you want to show them otherwise.  These are short term external motivations.  What are you going to do when these motivations no longer drive you.  Your reasons must be your own.  Internal motivations led to consistently useful actions which led to the accomplishment of your goal.

In the end, I hope everyone realizes that their goals are permanently achievable only in the context of your own motivations.  You may start out with an external motivation for wanting to lose fat but that will not sustain you in the long run.  You want to get off the yo yo for good,don't you.  Start with a new vision of yourself.  Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."  Imagine the new you first.  Your imagination can lead you to create a new vision of yourself that will naturally guide you to lose belly fat permanently.